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Arent We All Industrial Mermaids?

29 July 1988
2-20, 2006, 3 doors down, 34, 41, 80s, a cappella, acting, aerosmith, angelic things, angels, animaniacs, apocalypse, art, backyard wrestling, bass, bass guitar, bass players, being, bnl, bon jovi, bret michaels, chakras, changeling, cherries, chi, children, chris carter, christianity, chronicles of narnia, classical music, coca cola, college, cows, da vinci's notebook, dancing, danny elfman, disney world, drama, dreams, electric guitar, encore repco, encore repertory company, family guy, fate, feathers, fishing, frank black, golden girls, graduation, green day, guitar, guns n roses, homestar runner, horseback riding, horses, jon bon jovi, keyboard, lance henriksen, levitation, lifetime movies, lifetime television, live, livejournal, love, meditation, millennium group, mix 98.5, motley crue, motorcycles, music, musicals, myself, myth, new england, next generation, nick o'neill, ouroboros, pictures, plays, poison, pokemon, power rangers dinothunder, praying, prophecy, questing, ray charles, reading, reality, religion, revelation, rhode island, rock, rockin out, roleplaying games, romance, secret societies, sega genesis, shryne, simon and garfunkel, singing, sister sister, smiling, snuggling, song writing, spirits, st. jude's, stadium theatre, star trek, starbucks, station fire, station nightclub fire, steven tyler, strong bad, surfing, tattoos, tea, thanking god, the beatles, the golden girls, the nanny, the princess bride, the simpsons, the sims, the stadium theatre, theater, theatre, they walk among us, tim burton, true colors, tupper park, voyager, wallace and gromit, warrent, weird al, woodstock fair, woonsocket, writing poetry, yellowcard